LATA Awards 2023: Ardes Quinn

LATA Awards 2023: Ardes Quinn

December 27, 2022 0 By Hector Luis Rivera

Latin Alternative Theater Award honors Ardes Quinn with a LATA AWARD 2023 as an  Actress in Best Ensemble for:

Hamlet in Harlem
Written and directed by Alberto

Ardes Quinn is an American actress known for the films “Lesson #10” by Alberto Ferreras, “The Louise Log” by Anne Flournoy, “Ron and Laura Take Back America” by Janice Markham and Mel England, “Still Alice” and “Tango Volta” by Michelle Chai. On the stage she has performed on “Hamlet In Harlem” by Alberto Ferreras for Theater For The New City, “Dames Like US” by Francesca Rizzo, “The Gin Game”, “The Two Character Play”, “The Glass Menagerie” and “The Seagull”.  She has performed on 13th Street Repertory productions of “Line”, “Rumple Who”, “Hard Nut”, “Christmas Carol”, and for 4th Unity she has done “By Her Side” and “Perhaps”.

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