2019 LATA Awards: Janilka Romero

Janilka Romero is the winner of the 2019 LATA Award for Best Performance Actress for her exquisite interpretation of various characters in “Lo que nos dejó”, a play based on hurricane Maria’s victims.

Janilka Romero is a Puerto Rican actress, director and playwright. She has a BA in acting from the University of Puerto Rico. Her acting credits include: Lo que nos dejó (LATA award), The Foolish Lady, The Crucible, Yerma, When I Was Puerto Rican. Director: Mr. Mr. & Dr. Dr. (Best Production award – FUERZAfest), Wait (FTE 2016). Playwright: Moiras (2011), Wait (2016). She is part of IATI’s play development program, Cimientos (2019). Her literary work has been published in magazines such as Trasuntos, Caminos Convergentes, Ingenios, and Nagari.

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